AUGUST 9TH - 12TH, 2018


Meet your Richmond Artists: Calvin Presents

As we all know, there's plenty of talent to be found on the Richmond Jazz Festival's national stage. However, we pride ourselves on cultivating a festival lineup that showcases local artists in order to support the Richmond music scene.

It's the Richmond Jazz Festival, after all, and we want to represent Richmond.

This year we're bringing 33 artists from around the world to perform on our three stages. Of those 33, nine of the acts are from the River City.

Here's a chance to get to know your local Richmond acts so you can follow them after they grace the stage here.

Today, let's meet Calvin Presents: - the future of fusion, featuring Calvin Brown on keys and vocals, Carroll Ellis III on bass, Joshua McCormick on the drums, Taylor Laub on guitar and Richmond Jazz Festival alum, Sam Reed, on vocals along with Kenneka Cook.

Calvin Presents will bring R&B, jazz, and rock'n'roll​ fusion to the Dominion Energy stage at 12:15 on Sunday, August 12th.